ULTIMA-68 Synthetic lubricant 1 Gallon

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(Rotating Services LLC is a certified distributor of this product and all information, safety data sheets, and marketing materials are used directly from https://www.klsummit.com/)


Summit Ultima® is a high performance synthetic air compressor oil formulated specifically to outperform other synthetic rotary compressor lubricants on the market. Summit Ultima® employs a unique base stock that allows improvements in oxidation resistance and compressor cleanliness. It eliminates varnish, sludge and carbon deposits better than conventional synthetic base stocks. Ultima is compatible with existing O.E.M. provided lubricants and offers drain intervals of 12,000 plus hours under normal operating conditions.


Recommended Uses

Developed for oil-flooded rotary screw air compressors that operate under extreme pressures (greater than 150 psig) and temperatures of (greater than 255F). Summit Ultima® Series products are compatible with all non-silicone based O.E.M. lubricants in today’s marketplace.