DLS-125 Synthetic lubricant 1 Gallon

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DSL 125


(Rotating Services LLC is a certified distributor of this product and all information, safety data sheets, and marketing materials are used directly from https://www.klsummit.com/)


Summit DSL® synthetic compressor oils are unique combinations of quality diester base-stocks and the latest additive technology. Summit provides a wide range of DSL® lubricants that cover applications for rotary vane, rotary screw, and all ages and design-types of reciprocating compressors. Summit DSL® lubricants are especially noted for the following benefits: Low temperature fluidity, better thermal conductivity, reduced friction, high temperature thermal stability, greater resistance to mechanical stress, energy efficiency and reduced metal-to-metal wear. Summit DSL® Lubricants are formulated to keep compressors free of varnish and sludge build-up while extending drain intervals to 8000 hours. Summit DSL® lubricants are compatible with almost all elastomers used in compressors and pumps including the paint used in crankcases.


Recommended Uses

Summit DSL® lubricants were designed for use in the frame and as a compressor cylinder lubricant. It is recommended for use in centrifugal compressors, certain rotary screw and vane compressors, low temperature lubrication, and high temperature lubrication. It is also recommended for use as a mist lubricant.