SumTech SG 220 Synthetic Lithium Complex Grease

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Synthetic Lithium Complex Grease


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SumTech® SG Series lubricating synthetic greases are heavy-duty multipurpose lubricating greases with development emphasis on long-term and lifetime lubrication of rolling element bearings under moderate to high load. The special lithium complex soap thickener and synthetic hydrocarbon base oil are proven components for high temperature operation. Special anti-oxidant blended additives provide oxidation stability at both low and high temperatures. Synergistic corrosion inhibitors offer protection for both ferrous and yellow metals which are commonly used in today's rolling element bearings.


Recommended Uses

SumTech® SG Series synthetic greases are built for long-term and lifetime lubrication of rolling bearings in a service temperature range between -30ºC(-20ºF) to 150ºC(302ºF).